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Asset Custody – Shareholders Service Group

We utilize Shareholders Service Group as our custodian.

Shareholders Services Group (SSG) generates and mails all of our client statements. Since we are not responsible for preparing statements, and therefore have no control over the content of them, our clients are 100% confident that the statements they receive accurately reflect their account positions, values, transactions, and performance. Having a third party provide all of a client’s account information is the ultimate fraud prevention tool every investor should demand.

Shareholders Service Group is subject to rigorous regulatory oversight, and offers our clients the highest level of account protection available in the securities industry. 

Shareholders Service Group is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (www.sec.gov) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (www.finra.org), the two regulatory agencies charged with protecting investors’ and their assets. In addition, SSG is a member of the Securities Investment Protection Corporation (www.sipc.org), which provides investors with compensation in the event they are harmed as part of a broker/dealer failure. However, SSG has also purchased, voluntarily, an additional $1 billion of aggregate insurance protection for clients’ accounts from Lloyds of London, adding an additional layer of account protection for our clients that is uncommon in the industry.

We evaluated more than a dozen custodians, including Schwab and Fidelity, before selecting Shareholders Service Group.

The decision was clear.

Shareholders Service Group was established by two well-known and highly-respected professionals with more than 60 years of combined experience in the asset custody and brokerage industries. The company’s model is simple: Deliver the highest level of service and support for advisors, which in turn allows advisors to exceed their own clients’ expectations for service and responsiveness.

Today SSG supports more than 900 independent investment advisors nationwide, and their tens of thousands of affluent clients. Despite SSG’s success and growth, they still deliver an industry-leading level of client and advisor service and support, all within a highly competitive fee structure.

If you want to learn more about the importance of an independent custodian, or have your own questions and would like answers, we encourage you to contact us only to answer your questions, not to sell you our services.