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Client Service Philosophy

We strive to provide the highest quality of wealth management services and objective advice to each and every one of our clients.

Providing the highest quality wealth management services starts with the recognition that no two clients are alike. While our clients may share some similarities, even members of the same family may have different values and attitudes toward risk, approach situations with different experiences and perceptions, prioritize goals and objectives differently, and prefer to communicate using different methods. Our focus on working with individuals and families has given us a broad range of experiences, all of which we rely upon to deliver the service our clients require, in the manner they prefer.

We actively monitor our client / portfolio manager ratio.

While there is no hard and fast rule as to how many clients an individual portfolio manager can service, we actively monitor the ratio itself, as well as productivity data such as turn-around times for communication and projects, client feedback and service ratings, and the portfolio manager’s own sense of how the ratio is affecting timeliness and quality of service. We attempt to build the next layer of portfolio managers early so that they are ready to work with new clients before our senior portfolio managers reach their capacity to provide the level of service our existing clients require.

We do not set a minimum account size or charge a minimum fee.

Instead, we focus on what a prospective client is looking for and needs (not necessarily the same thing), and how those fit with our firm’s services and approach. We recognize that our services are not appropriate for everyone. And while every firm must make a judgment about the profitability of a prospective client, we view minimum account sizes and/or minimum fees as an arrogant admission that a firm’s primary focus is short-term profitability. We are willing to invest the significant amount of time, energy, and expertise required when the relationship holds the potential to be mutually beneficial over the long term.

In general, we are looking for clients who are comfortable consolidating their affairs with us, whether that be on day one, or at some point down the road. We make a complete commitment to our clients by utilizing all of our resources for our clients’ advantage, and prefer to work with clients that are comfortable making a complete commitment to us.

Our clients tend to share a number of characteristics.

  • Visionaries – They have a vision, and are committed to achieving it.
  • Financially Complex Situations – They have multiple goals in life and want to pursue many, if not all, of them simultaneously, and tend to have multiple options to choose from as they pursue their goals.
  • Decisive – They understand that good decisions are the first step in accomplishing their vision, value objective advice, don’t shy away from difficult topics, and are motivated to act in a timely manner.
  • ROI Focused – They view a financial advisor as an investment that will help them achieve their vision, not a cost that prevents them from doing so, and as such, expects a return on the investment they make in their financial advisor.

To read more about our typical client profile, please click Typical Client Profile.

We view ourselves as one of our clients’ key professional advisors.

This includes legal and tax. We take our role as a team player seriously, and work to create a seamless “family office” environment for clients that may not be wealthy enough to establish their own family office.  Our sole goal is our clients’ satisfaction. Period.

We strive to provide a broad array of services to help our clients achieve their goals,
delivered at the highest level, using a team-based approach.

If you want to learn more about the importance of a firm’s client service philosophy, or have your own questions and would like answers, we encourage you to contact us only to answer your questions, not to sell you our services.