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Global Economic and Markets Review

Every quarter, we write a review of the global economy and financial markets for our clients. While we manage our clients’ portfolios individually, all are managed within the scope of the broader economic and financial markets environment.

For our clients, the Review is the context in which we are managing their investment portfolio. They use it to understand more fully why we are managing their portfolio in the manner we are, by providing the overall rationale for our decisions.

Clients also get a personal letter every quarter that relates the Review to the specific actions in their portfolio. The Review and the client letter go hand in hand.

We also make the Review available to our colleagues and others who are interested in understanding how we view the current economic and financial market environments. The Review can also be used to gain a deeper insight into how we go about managing portfolios.

We are happy to make it available to you, with one caveat. Just as our investment process is thorough, our Review is also thorough. While we are always focused on striking that fine balance between thoroughness and conciseness, the Reviews are typically 5 pages, give or take, with charts and graphs. Most people tell us it’s about a 5 -7 minute read. This is not the standard 30 second snippet, nor is it the synopsis of news, that you might be accustomed to. It’s an analytical piece that attempts to provide deeper insight into the current environment, and what it potentially means for investors as we look forward.

With that caveat in mind, we invite you to read it, and welcome any questions or comments you have.

Third Day Capital’s Current Global Economic and Markets Review