Private Wealth Management for Individuals and Families

For all of the focus on investment returns and “beating the market”, one might think our clients come to us first and foremost because of our investment performance. Not True.

In fact, the majority of our clients come to us because they are unhappy with the relationship they currently have. Whether it be:

  • The realization that their family vision and aspirations require an advisor with the depth and breadth of experience in key areas such as defining a legacy, communicating about wealth and money within their family, and philanthropic planning,
  • Poor communication and a lack of attention from their advisor, especially during stressful periods in the financial markets,
  • A lack of confidence that their advisor is always acting in their best interests, or
  • The feeling that they are a number, one of hundreds of clients their advisor currently has and is constantly looking to add to,

The desire for a better relationship is by far the most compelling reason our clients ask for our help.

If you think you might fit this description, we encourage you to explore the following sections:

  • For many of our clients, wealth is more than just financial.  They recognize that wealth also comes in the form of values and culture, wisdom and experiences, accomplishments and failures, family, friends, and community. How they utilize these facets of their wealth defines their legacy, and becomes a focal point for their attention and efforts. When requested, we work with our clients to create their legacy through intra-family communication and cohesion, purposeful estate planning, philanthropic planning, and business succession planning. To read more about the essential role a broad perspective of wealth plays, particularly when it comes to one’s legacy, the challenges families face when establishing their legacy, and how we help our clients overcome them, please click Wealth Management is Legacy Management.
  • For some of our clients, their immediate focus and attention rests solely on their financial well-being. There is nothing wrong with that. For these clients, a successful relationship must yield fruit, aka, the accomplishment of their financial goals. In our experience, there are two prerequisites to achieving financial goals. The first is the utilization of a structured planning process that yields good decisions in the face of the unknown (the future). The second is the presence of a fundamental, disciplined approach to investing that balances risk and return according to the individual’s unique circumstances. To read more about the critical role decision making plays, especially during the planning process, and why individuals and families frequently fail to achieve their financial goals, please click Financial Well-being.
  • Regardless of why you are considering Third Day Capital Management, your previous experiences are not uncommon. In fact, your experience is more common than you might think, due, in our opinion, to the structure of the typical financial advisory firm. To read more about the importance of a firm’s structure, and how it relates to a client’s experience, please click Client-centric Structure.

Our Commitment

With great wealth comes great responsibility”. This axiom is most often used to signify a charitable obligation. However, it also testifies to the power that wealth, in all of its aspects, inherently possesses.

We commit to helping our clients ensure that their wealth is the positive influence they envision.

We invite you to peruse our site. If you want to learn more about any of the above topics, find yourself asking any of the above questions, or have your own questions and would like answers, we encourage you to contact us only to answer your questions, not to sell you our services.