Private Family

The foundation boards we typically work with oversee small- to medium-sized private family foundations. Board members may be tax or legal professionals, but are not investment professionals. Board members often span multiple generations within the family. Because they often have no, or limited paid staff, the board is responsible for the strategic direction of the foundation and many of its day to day operations.

Our foundation clients are dedicated to maximizing their foundation’s community impact. They strive to preserve, if not expand, the foundation’s assets so that the foundation can have an even greater impact in the future.

The foundation plays an important role in the culture of the family and the personal development of its members. As such, the multi-generational sustainability of the foundation is critical. Operational efficiency is essential.

However, widespread and diverse community needs, inter-personal family dynamics, and the complexity of a private foundation’s operations create a number of distinct challenges for board members.

For Example:

Distribution Threshold

The 5% charitable distribution mandate presents a formidable obstacle to the preservation, let alone expansion, of the foundation’s asset base.

Investment Suitability

Evaluating the suitability of myriad investment options, each with different risk and reward profiles, and how each will interact within the portfolio can be intimidating.

Investment Manager Oversight

Monitoring, evaluating, and periodically replacing investment managers requires comprehensive systems and processes and a specialized skill set.


Foundation boards are expected to understand, and increasingly implement, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment strategies despite divergent ESG perspectives among board members, conflicting ESG frameworks, and inconclusive data regarding ESG investment returns.

We typically support our foundation boards in one of three ways:

Management Services

We manage the publicly traded securities of the foundation using a time-tested, globally-diversified approach designed to surpass the 5% charitable distribution threshold...

Consulting Services

If our investment management services are not the right fit, we serve as independent, objective consultants providing advice and assistance in the areas of investment strategy...

Philanthropic Planning
& Consulting Services

Aside from the investment-related services we provide, we also work with our foundation clients on a number of the strategic and operational aspects of the family foundation...

As a result, our private family foundation clients appreciate:

The opportunity to maximize their community impact.
The ability to solidify the foundation’s multi-generational sustainability.
The operational efficiency that allows them to devote more time to their professional careers, families, and non-foundation interests.
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Copyright by Third Day Capital Management. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Third Day Capital Management. All rights reserved.